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Archeology / History

Spandau, the most expensive prison in the world

Seven bare-chested men with their hands behind their backs walk around a lime tree in an untended garden. These seven men are Former Nazi top officials sentenced to prison at the Nuremberg trials. The garden is that of Spandau Prison. A prison to match the excess of the Nazi crimes, in which more than 350 civil and military personnel employed only for their detention. This prison with all its excess and privilege, but also power play in the midst of the Cold War, is a stage in which the greatest criminals of the planet become political instruments. UPCOMING JUNE 2019 LOOKING FOR INTERNATIONAL PRESALES

Easter Island: the truth revealed

This is a tiny island, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But it stirs up passions: the Easter Island. Because it owns one of the most precious treasures of humanity: the famous stone statues called moai. Who was this Rapa Nui people who created such a masterpiece? Where did these men and women come from? How did they disappear ? From Easter Island to the Marquesas Islands, from Brussels to Los Angeles, three world-renowned archaeologists have investigated for more than twenty years. And what they discovered tells a whole different story ...

Lafayette in the Americas: the search for a destiny

Lafayette in the Americas, the search for a destiny tells the story of the involvement of the young Marquis de Lafayette in the American War of Independence. This war, waged for economic reasons, saw the decisive involvement of France, which thus contributed to the birth of the world’s greatest power. Through the contemporary investigation of young writer Arnaud Delalande, we follow the young Lafayette and, with him, we experience the conflict through the secret diplomacy orchestrated by the genius Benjamin Franklin and also through the feats of arms of the legendary George Washington. We discover how Lafayette went off to live his dream of glory on the...

In the eyes of the Pharaohs

For archaeologists, the word “eden” is what best describes Egypt. The Egyptian sands are an ongoing source of new scientific discoveries such as the seventh wonder of the world, the mythical Lighthouse of Alexandria, destroyed by an earthquake in the fourteenth century. Today, visualizing this unique work of art is a difficult challenge. In Thebes, a team of archaeologists sheds light on the famous Ramesses II, the greatest of pharaohs, and his Ramesseum, also called the "palace of a million years". We will discover the world’s first ever library! Comprising 22 rooms spread underground over three levels, the tomb of lector priest Pediamenopet is an...

Albi’s Mappa Mundi – the World of yesterday

In an ancient town in the southwest of France lies a “treasure”: Albi’s Mappa Mundi. Dating from the 8th century and included in a manuscript, this map is the oldest known representation of the world as a whole. How was it made? Why is its shape so particular? What exactly does it describe? What was its purpose? To answer these questions, historians, paleographers and scientists conduct a minute investigation and, step by step, the Mappa Mundi reveals its secrets.