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• the licence accords the user the right to use the site content for private, limited and nonexclusive usage only;
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• accordingly, all networking, including for in-house corporate networks, all distribution, regardless of its form, either total or partial, is strictly prohibited;
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When using the site, you are expected to be acquainted with and agree to the characteristics and restrictions of internet use, the following points in particular:
• that information transmitted via the internet can be intercepted on the network;
• that you are solely responsible for the data you consult, interrogate or transfer on the internet via, and be in possession of the skills required to use the said data in the context of your professional activity.


Prior written consent is not required in the following cases:
• for quotations, with the obligatory mention of the moral right of the author indicating his/her name and the source of the quotation. Quotations should be of minimal length in relation to the publication from which it is extracted and in relation to the publication into which it is introduced. An accumulation of quotations, resulting in an anthology, shall be considered as a derivative of the original author's work and shall thus require written agreement from the author or his/her representative;
• for the creation of links, provided that the said links open a new window of the navigator and that the page accessed by the links is not embedded within other pages via the frames of the accessed site.


In all other cases, and the following cases in particular:
• should you wish to post the GAD DISTRIBUTION logo;
• should you wish to incorporate, via the use of frames, the content of into your site;
• should you apply a charge to gain access to the pages containing a link to the site;
you must obtain GAD DISTRIBUTION's prior consent by writing to following address:
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GAD DISTRIBUTION reserves the right to demand the withdrawal of a quotation or the removal of a link that does not conform to its editorial policy or which undermines its interests.


All electronic reproduction other than that intended for strictly private and personal use regardless of the medium employed (paper, CD-Rom, internet, intranet, company networks, etc.) is strictly prohibited unless prior written consent has been obtained from GAD DISTRIBUTION.