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Number of episodes: 20
Episode's length: 20x26'
Directors: Sarah Carpentier, Herlé Jouon, Pierre Goetschel, Vincent Pérazio, Pascal Vasselin, Gil Kébaïli & Éric Michaud
Producer: Grand Angle Productions
Coproducers: ARTE
Language: French & English
Copyright: 2017

A 20x26' documentary series.

The fruit of a long history, of a natural environment and of the

labors of those for whom it is a passion, each vineyard tells

the tale of a unique civilization.

Worldwide Wine Civilizations is an exceptional documentary

series devoted to exploring winemaking regions around the

globe. In addition to delving into a region’s wine production,

each episode will also explore local history, its architecture,

art, science, techniques, and a host of other subjects.

Worldwide Wine Civilizations will feature breathtaking 4k aerial

cinematography of the world’s most picturesque winemaking

regions. With each episode the spectator will be plunged

into the heart of a winemaking civilization in Europe, South

America, North America, Asia, and Polynesia. This series will

take viewers on a voyage through time and space, seeking

out and discovering past and present civilizations, exploring

their grandiose natural environments and their complex and

multifaceted cultures.

South Africa: the vines of the great continent

Founded on the historical exploitation of mixed-race and African labor, the South-African wine industry bears a weighty inheritance in post-Apartheid Africa. Today it appears to be at a crossroads. From North to South, Cape Province contains the largest vineyards on the African continent. In this region the question of agrarian reform is the burning topic of the day. The integration of the population is becoming reality and attempts to plant the culture of wine in all communities are growing.

Japan: Koshu, the wine of the rains

In the Land of the Rising Sun, the mountainous region of Yamanashi conceals a veritable treasure. According to legend, the miraculous seed arrived in the archipelago in the 8th century in the bags of a Buddhist priest freshly arrived from China… The koshu, a unique varietal and exclusively Japanese, has molded the landscape ever since, perched two meters above the ground on huge pergolas at the foot of Mount Fuji. Here, more than anywhere else, they are aware of the threat from a sleeping volcano: each harvest becomes a minor miracle. So they grow wine as they pray: ritual and ancient beliefs blend with traditional winegrowing techniques. In a few days they...

Polynesia: A vine in the middle of the pacific

On a desert island of the Rangiroa atoll, in the Polynesian archipelago of Tuamotu, an astonishing vineyard has taken root. In the heart of these tropical lands where the coconut palm is king, just a stone’s throw from the lagoon and the vast ocean, the vine extends its golden clusters on a terroir of coral bordered by crystal-clear waters. Behind this impossible gamble is one man with his crazy dreams. Supported by a talented young wine expert and a team of motivated Tahitians, Tahitian wine has seen the light of day. Through grafting, defying a climate and a soil with extreme conditions, a type of vine has succeeded in resisting the elements. Against...

Germany: The Rhine valley

The winegrowers of the Rhine Valley know all the secrets of Riesling, the German varietal par excellence, a wine that has been grown for centuries in this region thanks to the resounding influence of the river. However, over recent years, they have become aware of the harmful effects of global warming on their vines, a phenomenon that is increasing and which could well put the growing of Riesling at risk. In order to preserve the typicity of their white wine, growers are today gambling on new skills acquired by scientists. At the University of Geisenheim, students and professors have developed a technique that is unique in the world: an experimental...

Georgia: A journey to the origins of the vine

In Georgia they don’t ask, “How are you?”, but “How’s your vine?”. Here wine is sacred! At the foot of the Greater Caucasus, Georgia has kept a thousands-of-years-old secret that it is trying to tell the world. Vines and wine are said to have begun here more than six thousand years ago. Ever since antiquity they have made wine here and they still store it in jars, known as “qvevris” buried under the ground. Today this unique history and skill is trying to reemerge, in a land that has always lived from and for the vine.