In the boots of Lucky Luke

2023 • 3x52' • English & French

Poster of In the boots of Lucky Luke

Director(s): Xavier Lefebvre • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): ARTE, TV5 monde • Country of production: France • Format(s): 4K

Upcoming September 2023

An American road trip with Jul in the footsteps of Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke, the man who shoots faster than his shadow, and the gang of characters who populate the thousands of pages of adventures of the most famous and least American of all cowboys, have made generations of Europeans dream. Millions of fans who love to fantasize about America and its endless landscapes of adventures. Over more than 70 years and in 80 albums, Jul has singlehandedly forged a unique American myth, by drawing on cinema and emblematic novels of Far-West culture... So much so that we no longer know what comes from his pure invention or from rigorous observations of a land with infinite faces.

Traveling the United States with all the images from the series' favorite albums in mind, Jul is not only a curious and erudite traveler, fond of unusual encounters and ready for all sorts of adventures: he manages better than anyone to translate it for us. Upon entering a sublime landscape or in the corner of a dusty saloon, Jul connects today's America to the fantasies of our childhood. Rediscovering America with Lucky Luke as a guide: cartoonist Jul’s lively exploration, that is the setting for this documentary travel series.



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