Great Rift Expedition: Water, a Shared Treasure

2012 • 4 episodes • 4x52' • English & French

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Director(s): Geoffroy et Loïc de la Tullaye • Producer(s): Biglo & Antipode • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD

Brothers Geoffroy and Loïc are explorerswith a passion: water. They decided to travel from the Ugandan East-African Rift to Israel to meet both nomadic and settled populations. In five months, from the source of the Nile to the arid landscapes of the Near East, they travelled more than 13,000 kms in a side-car with just one question on their minds: Is there enough water on the Earth to support 9 billion inhabitants by 2050?

Destinations: Uganda - Tanzania - Kenya - Ethiopia - Sudan - Egypt - Israel

Winner of the Bernardo Élis Trophy for the best environmental television series at the 9th FICA - International Festival of Environmental Film

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