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The Wreck of the Saint Geran - The Legend of Paul And Virginie

2010 • 14' • French & English

Poster of The Wreck of the Saint Geran - The Legend of Paul And Virginie

Director(s): Herlé Jouon • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

Off the coast of the little fishing village of Poudre d’Or on the island of Mauritius lies the wreck of a most unusual ship. The Saint Géran is certainly the most famous wreck in French literature because it inspired a novel that sold over 25 million copies: Paul et Virginie. In August 1744, as it approached its final destination, the island of Mauritius, the Saint Géran, a vessel of the French Indies Company is trapped upon the reefs and sinks, leaving more than 200 dead. Among the victims was a certain Virginie, whom Bernadin de Saint Pierre was to make his heroine. Everybody on Mauritius knows the story because the Saint Géran is a myth that has entered into local folklore. And yet many questions still remain. How much is fiction, how much reality? Did Virginie really exist? All these questions are addressed in the shape of an investigation that swings constantly between reality and the storybook world.

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