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Queyras, a story of humans and the forest

2017 • 26' • French

Poster of Queyras, a story of humans and the forest

Director(s): Laëtitia Giroux • Producer(s): 13 Productions • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD

In the Queyras mountain range, with its exceptional, unspoiled beauty, humans and the forest have a linked destiny. In the snow covered undergrowth and in their forest workshops, we will meet local residents, the Queyrassins, and share their knowledge and infinite love of their region. We will meet up with a country guide who has been exploring the undergrowth since childhood; a sculptor and his many rosettes; a blacksmith-cutlery maker who has recreated knives from the Middle Ages; a wood turner known as far off as New York, a picker of larch flowerers and foresters who watch over the trees...

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