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Saint-Cassien, the emerald lake

2017 • 27' • French

Poster of Saint-Cassien, the emerald lake

Director(s): Jérôme Espla • Producer(s): 13 Productions • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD

In the Var, in the heart of the Tanneron massif, hidden between pines and cork oaks, is Lake Saint-Cassien. Its emerald green waters are the pride of the Fayence region. Saint-Cassien is like a sparkling jewel set in lush greenery.

This reservoir lake is 50-years-old. Built by human hands, it has become a haven. Herons cross the path of storks, and carp, lords of the water, and catfish over 6 feet long.

With this artificial lake, humans have created a new habitat where nature will reclaim its place...

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