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An oasis at the foot of the Andes (Argentine)

2016 • 26' • French & English

Poster of An oasis at the foot of the Andes (Argentine)

Director(s): Pierre GOETSCHEL • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): ARTE • Format(s): HD • Codec: ProresHQ 4444 / .mov (50i, 4k 3840*2160p, interlaced)

In Mendoza, in Argentina, a miracle has been going on since the 19th century: a miracle that turns the snows of the Andes Cordillera into wine! Because in the greatest oasis in America, the vines only exist because of a unique system for sharing the waters from the melting of the snows of the glaciers of the Andes Cordillera.

By using a network of more than 4,000 kilometers of canals that irrigate this entire dry region, Mendoza produces 95% of Argentina’s grapes and the country has risen to 5th place in the ranks of world wine producers.

With global warming and the melting of the glaciers, the vast vineyards of Mendoza are now under threat and have to adapt.

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