Monuments in Motion - In one Continuous Beat

2018 • 9' • French & English

Poster of Monuments in Motion - In one Continuous Beat

Director(s): Tommy Pascal • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): L'acb – Scène nationale de Bar-le-Duc • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD - 4K • Codec: PRORES 422 HQ 25P

In one continuous beat

Inspired by Les Transis

At Château de Pierrefonds

Created by Marilén Iglesias Breuker & Luc Petton

Cie Le Guetteur

Performers: Pieradolfo Ciulli, Adalberto Fernandez Torres, Aurore Godfroy, Sun-A Lee, Anaïs Michelin, wolves, Barn owl, great grey owl, gyrfalcon, white-backed vulture

Animal technician : Cyril Cattai, Philippe Hertel, Mélanie Poux

Co-creation: Centre des monuments nationaux

Co-production: L'acb – Scène nationale de Bar-le-Duc

Partnerships: Espace Jean Legendre de Compiègne, Vol libre productions

Music: Otto Lindholm

Text: Antoine W. Böhm

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