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Avishai Cohen's New York Divison at Jazz A Vienne

2015 • 82' and 58' • Live concert

Poster of Avishai Cohen's New York Divison at Jazz A Vienne

Director(s): Eric Michaud • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions & Mezzo • Format(s): HD

A native of Israel having lived in New York since the 1990s, Avishai Cohen is a citizen of the world, a master of contemporary jazz. Following Gently Disturbed released seven years ago now on his own, Razdaz label, Avishai recorded Aurora, a first opus for the prestigious Blue Note label. From that period on the double bass player has been expressing himself further in song, in English, Hebrew or Ladino, a reflection of his nomadic music.

His origins cause him to lean naturally towards the melodic riches of the Orient. Avishai Cohen can surprise whether leading a quintet, a simple duo or a trio. For his new opus From Darkness, he has gathered his favorite line-up with pianist Nitaï Hershkovits and drummer Daniel Dor. For this, the 35th Jazz à Vienne Festival, this regular at the Théâtre Antique performs an original and highly symbolic concert since he has chosen to bring into his current trio three other musicians that he has known since his early days in New York: trumpeter Diego Urcola, trombonist Steve Davis and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel.


Avishai Cohen / vocals, bass 

Diego Urcola / trumpet 

Steve Davis / trombone

Kurt Rosenwinkel / guitar

Nitaï Hershkovits / piano

Daniel Dor / drums

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