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The Golden Gate Quartet – 80 years Live at Jazz a Vienne

2015 • 88' • Live concert

Poster of The Golden Gate Quartet – 80 years Live at Jazz a Vienne

Director(s): Eric Michaud • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions, Mezzo, M_Media Jazzee TV • Format(s): HD

United by a single passion for swing, the vocal skills of the Mills Brothers and traditional Negro spirituals, in 1934 four students from the Booker T. Washington College in Virginia created the Golden Gate Quartet Jubilee Singers. They quickly became the Golden Gate Quartet, an innovative gospel choir group whose fame spread so fast that they have never stopped touring the world, from the end of the war till today. The Golden Gate Quartet’s experience is unique:  more than 80 years on the gospel stage! Paul Brembly (baritone), Frank Davis (1st tenor), Michael Robinson (2nd tenor) and Terry François (bass) are the artistic heirs to the choir, all trained by former members in the spirit of tradition. Last year the Golden Gate Quartet celebrated 80 years of existence and for the occasion the choir group released an album, 80 Years, a blend of modernism and tradition, the keys to its longevity. The choir also performed Michael Jackson’s famous “Billie Jean” and paid tribute to artist Ben E. King by reprising world-wide hit “Stand by me” before ending on an optimistic note with a magnificent interpretation of “Oh, happy day!”


Paul Bremly / Baritone

Frank Davis / 1st tenor 

Michael Robinson / 2nd tenor 

Terry François / Bass 

Nabiel Pines / Piano, keyboard 

Joël Rocher / Guitar, bass

Pascal Riou / Drums

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