Easter Island: the truth revealed

2017 • 88' • French & English

Poster of Easter Island: the truth revealed

Director(s): Thibaud Marchand • Producer(s): Tournez S'il Vous Plait • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions, SBS • Format(s): HD

This is a tiny island, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But it stirs up passions: the Easter Island.

Because it owns one of the most precious treasures of humanity: the famous stone statues called moai. Who was this Rapa Nui people who created such a masterpiece? Where did these men and women come from? How did they disappear ?

From Easter Island to the Marquesas Islands, from Brussels to Los Angeles, three world-renowned archaeologists have investigated for more than twenty years. And what they discovered tells a whole different story ...

Easter Island, the truth revealed won Public Choice Award at the International Archaeological Film Festival of the Bidasoa (FICAB) and had the highest audience rate on SBS channel

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