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The ultimate battle

2020 • 52' & 90' • French & English

Poster of The ultimate battle

Director(s): Eric Michaud • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD



In 1986, South Africa organized an illicit rugby tour against the All Blacks. What they didn’t expect is that it would precipitate the fall of the apartheid regime.

In this documentary, we will relive each day the anguish of this unknown rugby tour. But above all, through interviews with many international rugby personalities (Andy Dalton, Chester Williams, Johnny Wilkinson, François Pienaar, Bernard Lapasset, Serge Blanco ...), we will discover how this sport, via its federations, has often had ambiguous associations with apartheid, from a tolerance linked to financial interests to a real desire to change things, especially following the Cavaliers’ tour. Eventually becoming a powerful diplomatic weapon in the hands of Nelson Mandela, determined to reconcile an entire nation through the use of this discipline that was once a symbol of white supremacy.

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