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Nicotine, an addictive drug

2020 • 52' • English & French

Poster of Nicotine, an addictive drug

Director(s): Bärbel Merseburger-Sill • Producer(s): Berlin Producers • Coproducer(s): ZDF/ARTE, RTL Belgium, RSI • Country of production: Germany • Format(s): HD

Smoking is completely prohibited in public spaces and in most restaurants at least in the western world. Despite the decrease in the number of smokers in the west, the tobacco industry has not given up! New electronic products like the e-cigarette and the tobacco heater are thrown on the market. Colorful advertising campaigns sell the illusion of the new smoking: It is cool, it doesn't stink and it doesn't make you sick. But are these promises of the industry true? Or is it doing what it has always done: pulling wool over consumers' eyes? Because it is anything but certain that the new electronic products are healthier: just like the tobacco cigarette, they contain the nerve poison nicotine - and that makes you addicted and, above all, sick like a new study seems to prove. Also new lung diseases like Evali cloud the picture of healthy smoking

The products are evolving but the strategies remain the same; how does this industry continue to make profits without any consideration for health?

Destinations: USA, France, Germany


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