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Tobacco, the industry of lies

2020 • 52' • English

Poster of Tobacco, the industry of lies

Director(s): Bärbel Merseburger-Sill • Producer(s): Berlin Producers • Coproducer(s): ZDF/ARTE, RTL Belgium • Country of production: Germany • Format(s): HD


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In Europe, the number of smokers has fallen dramatically - unfortunate for the tobacco industry. That’s why it is trying to still being allowed to advertise for its products using massive lobbying to convince politicians. While advertisements for tobacco products are prohibited in most of Europe, the industry is still allowed to advertise in Germany. As it wants to polish up its image in order to seduce potential customers with supposedly healthier alternatives to smoking, they are most happy to do so.

But are these products really risk-free? They are aimed primarily at young people: successfully. Shortly before Christmas the Marlboro producer Altria announced to take part with 35% in the e-cigarette company Juul, which efficiently managed to reach young people on social media in the USA to get them started with e-cigarettes.

In the newly-industrialized countries, on the other hand, tobacco companies are continuing as before. Minors are particularly affected. In Indonesia, four-year-olds are already smoking, and in Malawi children work on chemical-infested plantations.

The film reveals how the tobacco industry wants to continue to secure its profits despite the headwind - and who pays the price.

Destinations: Canada, USA, Indonesia, Malawi, France, Germany

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