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When Arabs danced - long version 85'

2018 • 85' • French, English, Dutch

Poster of When Arabs danced - long version 85'

Director(s): Jawad Rhalib • Producer(s): R&R Productions • Coproducer(s): RTBF Télévision belge - CANVAS - Zonderling - WIP - Free son production - Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - VAF -The Flemish Audiovisual Fund - OIF – Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie • Format(s): HD

A fundamentalist hates life. For him, it presents temptation, a moving away from God and a loss of time before the celestial paradise with its rivers flowing with milk of eternal taste, its streams of wine, its delights and its virgins. Life is the product of disobedience and this disobedience is the work of the ARTIST. The fundamentalist resents the artist, who gives life to matter and leads pure souls away from paradise with sick ideas, a devilish drawing, a bewitching song or an evil dance… The artist is, therefor, the devil and in order to be able to kill him, the fundamentalist labels him the enemy of Allah. Formerly carefree, the Arab-Muslim world has now become the epicenter of a blind and often violent fundamentalism. Pressure from the fundamentalists overwhelms that of the moderates. The voice of reason struggles to be heard. In the face of this hopeless realization that is threatening our most basic freedoms, Jawad Rhalib questions Islamic Fascism and allows the voice of reason to speak in order to break what is now: “Be an artist and shut up!”.

“Etalon d’ argent” at the FESPACO 2019 in the documentary feature film category (Burkina Faso)

Best Film of the Grand Angle section & Audience Award - Festival Vision du Réel Nyon 2018 (Switzerland)

“Grand Prix “ of the Art Films of BAFF - Brussels Art Film Festival 2018

Golden FIFOG Award (Geneva, Switzerland)

Best Music at “Les Magrittes du Cinéma” (Belgium)

Also available in short verion of 55'

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