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Guarantors for humanity

2019 • 63' • French, English subtitles

Poster of Guarantors for humanity

Director(s): Isabelle Serro • Producer(s): Isabelle Serro with the participation of Grand Angle Productions • Format(s): HD

And what if the current migration crisis were in fact a crisis of our individual humanity?

Over the last six years, the journalist Isabelle Serro has travelled throughout Europe, meeting the women and men working individually and spontaneously to help those who have taken the routes to exile.

Very often, it is in the shadows and hidden from the spotlight, that these people undertake the essential tasks to make the migrants’ everyday lives easier or to preserve the future for these exiles in search of a refuge. They offer lodging, they heal, they nourish, they comfort.

In this period, where citizen initiatives to help exiles in danger is very likely to be judged as a crime of solidarity, where welcoming someone is not the norm, where fear of the foreigner is stronger than the thirst for discovery, the journalist – film maker shines a light on these hidden actors who have become the resistance fighters of a new era, the guarantors of humanity for tomorrow.

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