2012 • 9' • French & German


Director(s): Gil Kébaïli, Norbert Evangelista • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

Brest, the naval city par excellence. Today, the naval academy is buzzing. The young recruits are about to sign on for four years, their heads full of dreams of distant lands. But Brest is, first and foremost, its harbour and its impenetrable shipyard. We fly over at some distance, such is the secrecy surrounding this military base.
Beyond the forbidden area, we are taken by the charm of the Elorn, a river that ends at one of the rare inhabited bridges in France. The other river that flows into the bay, the Aulne, provides a watery graveyard for naval vessels at Landevenec. Among them lies the cruiser Colbert.

Around the peninsular of the Ile de Crozon, beyond the narrows that join the ocean to the harbour, the St Mathieu point opens the way to the Iroise Sea. This jewel of marine biodiversity, under the protection of the biggest marine reserve in France is under the surveillance of a tiny plane stuffed with electronics. Today it’s out counting grey seals. Rounding of the trip, under escort from the sailing ship Recouvrance, the symbol of Brest, the Thalassa helicopter films a ballet of exceptional images of Brest, the white, under a dazzling sun… a rarity!

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