• Awards

    Who wrote the Bible

    The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival

    Honorable Mention for Narration
    Honorable Mention for Public Education Value
    Honorable Mention for Script
    Honorable Mention for Cinematography
    Special Mention by Jury: Best film about cross-cultural faith insights

    Naïs in the land of wolves 

    “Best Documentary” at the Golden Bee International Children's Film Festival in India


    Moo! The epic horns

    "Best documentary series" at the BKK DOC 2021 in Bangkok


    Nicotine, an addictive drug

    "The smoke-free seal" from the German Cancer Aid: Deutsche Krebshilfe 



    “Winner of best documentary feature film “ at the Outdocs film in China "Public choice award" at the We Cam Fest in Colombia “Best sport documentary” at the BKK DOC in Thailand “Best documentary” at the Inclús Film Festival in Spain "Special Mention" at the Buenos Aires Indies Festival in Argentine


    The dark side of green energies 

    “Special prize” at the Deauville Green Awards in France “Best Documentary Award” at the Italian Green Film Festival "Best Documentary Feature Film"  at the Port Blair International Film Festival in India “Social awareness award” at the Vegas Movie Awards in USA “Special jury award” at the Uruvatti International Film Festival in India “Best Documentary Featurette” at the Rome International Movie Awards in Italy “Gold Awards- Feature Documentary” at the Milan Gold Award in Italy “Best Documentary Feature” at the Oniros Film Awards in USA “Best Documentary Long” at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival in USA “Honorable Mention” at the New York International Film Awards in USA “Honorable Mention-Documentary Featurette” at the Los Angeles Film Awards in USA


    Canoe in the snow 

    "Gaspé Prize" at the festival Vues sur mer in Canada "Official selection" at the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma in Canada "Official selection" at the Prix Gémeaux in Canada