2012 • 9' • French & German


Director(s): Gil Kébaïli, Norbert Evangelista • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

Monaco, a simple rock, seat of the oldest ruling dynasty on the planet: it’s possible! The place is known to the cameras of the whole world. However, the images of the Saint-Nicolas Cathedral and the Prince’s Palace stripped of their assembly of crowned heads take on another dimension. Monaco, the second smallest state on the globe, welcomes the biggest yachts and the greatest fortunes. But not only: on the heights of the principality sits a former palace of the Riviera: a real golden nugget.
From this part of the Côte d’Azur, studded with villas, one can see Italy in the distance. Hard to resist its charm. Vintimille leads the parade of mediaeval cities that are the glory of the transalpine coastline. The coastal resort marks the beginning of the Floral Riviera. A name that comes from the horticulture that abounds in the countryside beyond the coast. Sanremo brings up the rear. It is also the final bouquet. Flower growing plays a major role in the town’s economy.
A few miles from Sanremo lies a principality that is completely unknown to the general public. The Italian state brings case after case against the separatist region, but the prince who governs it and his 323 subjects will have nothing to do with it…

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