Monuments in motion - Preljocaj Montmajour

2018 • 11' • Contemporary Dance

Poster of Monuments in motion - Preljocaj Montmajour

Director(s): Thomas Lallier, Sylvain Marquet • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions, Culturebox, Mezzo, M_Media, Ballet Preljocaj, Centre des monuments nationaux • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD


Choreography by Angelin Preljocaj

At the Abbaye de Montmajour

Performers :

Déborah Casamatta, Solène Hérault, Anne-Céline Pic-Savary, Luca Cesa, Baptiste Martinez, Alexandre Tondolo

Artistic Director : Guillaume Siard

As dusk falls, the dancers of the Ballet Preliocai invite the abbey’s visitors to a sensorial experience through the building, creative dance and time. They present an intimist approach to the setting in which they reveal the full amplitude of Angelin Preliocai’s vocabulary – a blend of metaphor, state of grace and contemplation.

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