Das Rheingold

2014 • 155' • Live concert

Poster of Das Rheingold

Director(s): François René Martin • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): Mezzo • Format(s): HD

Recorded on February 14th and 17th, 2015 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu (Spain)

Das Rheingold (Munich, 1869) is the prologue to the Ring of the Nibelung. In a world where harmony still holds sway, the Rhine maidens (water nymphs) watch over their treasure in the depths of the Rhine. However, it is then stolen by Alberich, the Nibelung, an evil, lecherous dwarf who knows its secret: whoever steals the gold and makes it into a ring will become ruler of the world, on condition that he renounces love. Wotan, king of the gods, advised by the cunning demigod, Loge, takes the gold and the ring from Alberich to pay for the palace of Walhalla, which the giants Fasolt and Fafner have built for him. However, Alberich lays a terrible curse: the ring will bring misfortune and death to whoever possesses it. The curse takes immediate effect with the result that one of the giants kills the other to obtain the ring. The striking aspect of this production is the unique and offbeat staging by Robert Carsen, who plunges us into a world of darkness. Patrick Kinmonth has designed a minimalist set of blocks of concrete and cranes. In their hands, Das Rheingold, takes on an austere, glittering character that allows Wagner’s work to appear in all its brilliance.


Wotan  -  Albert Dohmen

Donner   -  Ralf Lukas                

Froh   -  Marcel Reijans   

Loge   -  Kurt Streit        

Fasolt   -  Ain Anger       

Fafner   -  Ante Jerkunica          

Alberich   -  Andrew Shore         

Mime    -  Mikhail Vekua          

Fricka  -  Mihoko Fujimura                    

Freia   -  Erika Wueschner        

Erda   -  Ewa Podles                  

Woglinde   -  Lisette Bolle                      

Wellgunde   -  Maria Hinojosa   

Flosshilde  -  Nadine Weissmann

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