The Tsar’s Bride

2019 • 154' • English subtitles

Poster of The Tsar’s Bride

Director(s): Jean-Pierre Loisil • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): Bolchoi Theater, MEZZO, France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

Recorded on November 13th and 15th , 2018 at the Bolshoi Theater (Russia)

An Opera in four acts by Nikolaï Rimski-Korsakov

Libretto: Nikolaï Rimski-Korsakov and Ilya Fiodorovitch Tioumenev 

Based on the drama by the poet Lev Aleksandrovitch Mey

Bolshoi Orchestra 

Tugan Sokhiev / Music Director – Chief Conductor

Valery Borisov / Chief Chorus Master

Damir Ismagilov / Light Designer

Ekaterina Mironova / Choreography

Yelena Zaytseva / Costumes

Vassily Sinaisky / Music Director

Julia Pevzner / Director

Gennadi Rozhdestvensky / Music Director

Fyodor Fyodorovsky / Scene Designer

Fyodor Fyodorovsky / Costumes

Alyona Pikalova / Designer

Moscow, in the year of our Lord, 1572. Grigory Gryaznoi, an important member of the Tsar's guard, is denied the hand of lovely young Marfa, daughter of the merchant Sobakin. In fact, Marfa is promised to Ivan Likov, whom she has loved since their childhood.

Lioubacha, the mistress of Griaznoi, despairs because he no longer loves her. She decides to take revenge on Marfa with the help of Bornelius, the Tsar’s doctor.

The wedding of Marfa and Ivan must temporarily be postponed because the Tsar is looking for a wife and he wants to meet Marfa.

During the engagement of Marfa and Ivan, Griaznoi makes Marfa drink what he thinks is a love potion. But Lioubacha has substituted a potion to destroy Marfa’s beauty.

Before the effect of the potion becomes visible, the Tsar’s guard interrupts the party: the Tsar has chosen Marfa for his future wife, she must join him immediately.

On the eve of her marriage with the Tsar, Marfa, under the influence of the potion falls ill. When Griaznoï and Lioubacha reveal their plot, the young woman sinks into madness.


(c) Damir Yusupov

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