Tales From the End of the World

2012 • 53' • French, English & Spanish

Poster of Tales From the End of the World

Director(s): Emilio Pacull • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

Antartica. The glaciers and the mystery of this far-away and unknown land have always given cause to dream. And yet, Antarctica is not hospitable to people. Antarctica is beyond human norm. Its winds are super powerful, its temperatures the lowest in the world, its glaciers are fearsome. With my film crew I sailed aboard the Admiral Viel, a Chilean Navy icebreaker, for an exceptional voyage to the white continent. We had the good fortune and the dazzling experience of encountering the wild life, of sharing the lives of the sailors and scientists living in the most total isolation, surrounded by Nature at its most sublime. To see and to understand the exciting work these men and women accomplish every day in the protection of nature is to receive a simple, yet wonderful lesson in humanity.

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