A streamer behind the dunes

2021 • 55' • French

Poster of A streamer behind the dunes

Director(s): Désiré Zamo • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): Seasons • Format(s): HD

Glenn Delporte fly fishing and guide salmonids in the Basque Country. In recent years, he has noticed a new fishing trend: fly fishing for predators.This trend saw the birth of a new range of equipment and many blogs on the issue from fly fishers who abandon salmonids for predators or from lure fishermen who abandon them in favor of the fly. The movement seems to be on the move.It is on the Landes lakes famous for these pike, zander, perch or other black bass, behind the dunes of the ocean, traversing them from south to north, that Glenn Delporte will go to meet this new fishing world, tempting him also to perfect his conversion thanks to those who were precursors of the streamer ...

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