2024 • 29' • French & English

Poster of Orthopaedics

Director(s): Karina Marceau • Producer(s): PVP Media • Coproducer(s): Savoir Média • Country of production: Canada • Format(s): 4K

Robotic arms that react to the smallest muscular movement, 3D-printed bones that can be perfectly inserted into the body, titanium legs strong enough for running marathons… The modern world of orthopaedics never ceases to amaze, but our ancestors could never have dreamed of beating the 100-metre record when they had their leg amputated! This episode explores the history of orthopaedics, when fabric, leather, wood and animal bones were used to support backs, treat war wounds, and even to replace ligaments and limbs. We then dive into the modern-day field to examine contemporary treatments and see what the future of orthopaedics may entail.

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