Masters of bees - long version

2018 • 7x52' & 15x26' • French, English & Spanish

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Director(s): Fred Febvre, Christophe Cousin, Laurent Sardi, David Perrier, Nicos Argilet, Jacques Offre, Xavier Lefebvre, Pascal Vasselin • Producer(s): Grand Angle Production • Coproducer(s): TV5 Monde, ARTE • Format(s): HD

Also available in 15x26'

Ever since it appeared nearly 80 million years ago, the bee has occupied a special place in evolution. Untiring worker, essential to the development of vegetables, it is one of the foremost species maintaining our equilibrium on Earth. Mankind is fascinated by its perfect organization and its incredible reproduction process. And the relationship between people and bees throughout the world is equally plural. In a world where the climate is changing and biodiversity is gradually disappearing under the effects of “human activity”, the bee is in danger and so is our relationship with it. 

Destinations: Indonesia, Russia, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, Ethiopia, Argentina, Cameroon, Italy, Slovenia, France, Nepal, India, Germany 

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