The Princes with 2 humps

2015 • 50' • French, English & Russian

Poster of The Princes with 2 humps

Director(s): François Brey & Patrice Desenne • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): ARTE • Format(s): HD

They’re camels, they have 2 humps, and they can resist  just about anything: arid deserts, extreme cold, extreme heat, salt water. For 1,500 years, they enjoyed their heyday on the Silk Road, from the orient to the occident. Some have even remained wild, even in the cruelest desert of the world.

Where do they come from? Curiously enough, from North America - like their entire family, the camelids.

Today, after centuries of indifference, man now views them with renewed interest.

Scientists study their mysterious humps. Along with camel milk, they are the foundation of a new dairy industry. Their very fine hair competes with cashmere and wool, but they are also the guardians of the great nomadic tradition of the steppes.

Travel along the Silk Road, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan... as well as in Canada to discover these Princes with Two Humps!

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