In the skies of Polynesia

2015 • 51' • French & English

Poster of In the skies of Polynesia

Director(s): Hervé Corbière & Denis Pinson • Producer(s): Antipode • Coproducer(s): Archipel Productions • Format(s): HD

In another life they were fighter pilots, mechanics with Boeing or military instructors. Today they have realized their dream: to set up in Polynesia and fly over one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Stéphane and Vincent are aces of the air… they teach stunt flying to visiting tourists and the inhabitants of the islands. And when they are not playing daredevils with their students, they put their skills to the service of another clientele… the one that lives on the tiny private islands… islands at the end of the world, accessible only by plane.

For these isolated populations, a plane service is essential… but the landing strips on these islands look more like pocket-handkerchiefs… you need skill and the ability to retain a cool head. O’Neil has plenty of both. He is one of the team of Air Archipel pilots who can land anywhere on Polynesian territory. His mission is to save lives by carrying out “évasans” [évacuations aériennes sanitaires] or emergency air rescue operations.

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