The lovers of the lagoon

2014 • 52' • French & English

Poster of The lovers of the lagoon

Director(s): Christophe Castagne • Producer(s): Grand Angle Production • Coproducer(s): Archipel Production • Format(s): HD

For all those who love the tropical seas, the New Caledonia lagoon is Nirvana. For the largest lagoon on the planet is also the most beautiful. A UNESCO world heritage listed site, the Caledonian lagoon owes its dazzling health to an extremely low pressure of human presence. That’s because the vast territory of Caledonia (the main island is 400 km long) has only 250,000 inhabitants.

As a result the lagoon offers huge, totally virgin spaces. A veritable inland sea, the blue Caledonian jewel case contains a host of habitats and ecosystems: islets, sand bars, sunken reefs, mangroves, etc.… oases of marine life that teem with species and provide a fabulous larder for the inhabitants of the archipelago.

Aided by magnificent aerial and sub-marine images, the film presents the portrait of six “Lovers of the Lagoon”: an adventurer in his den in the north of the island, a biologist specializing in the universe of coral, a woman doctor, defender of the Melanesian culture, a kite-surfer from Numea and a young nature warden from Lifou, in the Loyalty Islands.

They have all been enchanted by the stunning beauty of the lagoon. They have all made it their daily lives and their finest reason for living.

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