Vanuatu, paradise in danger

2015 • 1x110' & 2x52' • Français & Anglais

Poster of Vanuatu, paradise in danger

Director(s): Stéphane Jacques & Claire Leisink • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions & Archipel Production • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD

Vanuatu. A tiny patch of earth lost in the middle of Oceania. This archipelago of 80 paradisiacal islands has long remained far apart from our world and has succeeded in preciously guarding its secrets. It’s a veritable Eden, living to the rhythm of its erupting volcanoes, its coral sands lapped by the waves and its inhabitants, fierce guardians of a tradition, “the custom”, that is steeped in magic, witchcraft and even cannibalism. However, fresh siren voices are calling. Those of tourism and modernity. At the capital, Port-Vila, cruise liners sail alongside traditional craft. Property developers have their greedy eyes on the sacred lands of the archipelago. And it’s only a short while since the children of Vanuatu have had to go to school. This is the story of a virgin land suddenly opening up to the world. How is this archipelago in the South Pacific managing its entry into the 21st century? Pascal, the French explorer, Marcel, a future clan chief, Sylvain, the volcanologist, Hilary, the Green mermaid battling global warming, Loïc, the property developer and Mark, the flying doctor… We follow these six key characters at the heart of the “big bang” Made in Vanuatu.

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