Chachapoyas, living with the dead (Peru)

2018 • 27' • French, English & Neutral Spanish

Poster of Chachapoyas, living with the dead (Peru)

Director(s): Agnes Molia & Hélène Maucourant • Producer(s): Tournez S'Il Vous Plait • Coproducer(s): ARTE • Format(s): HD

The Chachapoyas were long considered the fiercest warriors of the Andes. Described as ruthless decapitators, they were said to engage in terrifying worship of the dead practices. Everywhere on their territory, one finds mummies, skeletons, bones, graves hanging from cliffs or buried in caves... However, recent archaeological discoveries paint a completely different portrait of the Chachapoyas. In fact, far from being bloodthirsty and morbid, this people actually maintained an intimate and happy relationship with the deceased. In their view, the destiny of the living was intimately linked to that of the dead.

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