Hunting on horseback in the Catalan mountains

2016 • 54' • French & Russian

Poster of Hunting on horseback in the Catalan mountains

Director(s): Désiré Zamo • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): Season • Format(s): HD

 Jean-Luc Planes is a hunter and hunting guide in the Western Pyrenees. His reputation in the world of hunting is firmly established. Russians, Americans, Swiss, Canadians, Poles, Germans… a host of French and foreign hunters praise his services for his knowledge of the terrain and of the species that can be hunted at high altitude.

This year, with his wife, Christine, and in association with his friend, Gérard Miquelito, who has been organizing horseback expeditions in the Pyrenees for 35 years, Jean-Luc comes up with the idea of using horses to carry them up to the hunting grounds. And they discover that riding a horse allows them to access distant and difficult sites more easily, to transport camping equipment on the horses and thus stay longer and to include people whose physical abilities would normally prevent them from hunting on foot at high altitudes.

His rapport with the animal, his first steps as a rider, discovering fresh possibilities and the approaches themselves all provide moments that Jean-Luc, Christine and Gérard will share around the campfire as they hunt for chamois, roe deer and stag.

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