The quest for the old portage

2014 • 57' • French

Poster of The quest for the old portage

Director(s): Fabrice du Peloux • Producer(s): Les films Jack Febus • Coproducer(s): Seasons • Format(s): HD

Every hunter experiences the chase in his or her own way. For some it has been a passion since early childhood, for others a revelation that gradually insinuates itself into one's life and becomes increasingly important. At the age of 36, Barbara Vermette, a Quebecois who moved to Europe seven years ago, already has an illustrious hunting career behind her. Hungary, Russia, Spain, South Africa... there's a long list of countries where she has been able to indulge her passion for hunting.

And yet she has been hunting for barely 10 years. It was her first experience, on her family's land, that literally plunged her into the world that, as well as being her passion, is part of her professional life.

After all her hunting travels to the four corners of the globe, she feels the need to return to her roots: to go back to hunt the elk, the first species that she ever hunted, on her family land, in Belle Province. In order to complete her project she decides to live self-sufficiently in the family hunting camp, the famous "little camp" built more than 50 years ago by the grandfather who taught her to hunt.

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