When the Wood Pigeons fly

2017 • 53' • French

Poster of When the Wood Pigeons fly

Director(s): Désiré Zamo • Producer(s): Les films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): SEASONS • Format(s): HD

In October, in the southwest of France, from the pines of the Landes to the oaks of Gascony, there are men, a special type of hunter, who quit their work and their usual occupations to plunge into the woods, to perch high in the trees in hides made of wooden planks that they have spent the summer repairing. For this is the season of the ‘palombes’, the wood pigeon with the bluish sheen that migrates in millions towards the south and that, for hundreds of years, has set the hearts of Gascon hunters beating. So much so that they have set up tricks, ruses and other age-old ploys to divert the birds’ flight path to bring them within range of their guns and their nets.

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