Woodcock Wonder

2017 • 51' • French

Poster of Woodcock Wonder

Director(s): Charles Vallée • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): Seasons • Format(s): HD

Hunting for bigger game may have won over the majority of French hunters in recent years, but there still remains one species that has a secure place in the heart of hunters. The scolopax, better known as the woodcock is one of those mythic birds that have fascinated since the dawn of time. It’s a difficult chase demanding total collusion between master and dog. In the Pilon family, woodcock shooting is handed down from generation to generation.

Yvan has spent nearly thirty years of his life hunting this bird. He speaks with passion of the many areas roamed in Brittanny, of his companions, the dogs, of the warm human relationships made and, above all, of the excitement experienced whenever he sees one of these ladies of the woods.

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