Paul Riglaire, hunting in the blood

2017 • 51' • French

Poster of Paul Riglaire, hunting in the blood

Director(s): Laurent Buchemeyer • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): Seasons • Format(s): HD

It often happens that the passion for hunting is handed down by the family and Paul Riglaire is no exception to that rule. He remembers his first outings into the Mormal Forest with his uncle. Then his first hunts with Dominique, his father-in-law, for bigger game in the largest hill forest range of the North. At a very early age, he developed a passionate interest in the workings of guns and so it was perfectly natural that he would decide to become a master gunsmith.

Since January 2017, the Paul Riglaire gunshop has been working hard to satisfy its hunter-customers while striving to add a personal touch. His cinetir, a video shooting range, the first in the region, is the cherry on the cake of a professional career that is already rich and deeply considered.

This documentary portrait presents a side of a young man who is inspired and inspiring, whether in his role of gunsmith, hunter or manager of a parcel of the Mormal Forest.

Paul is one of that young generation driven by the desire to undertake new things. The hunting population is an aging one and the presence of young people like Paul can only bring fresh air and a different outlook.

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