The Hutters of the Opal coast

2014 • 51' • French

Poster of The Hutters of the Opal coast

Director(s): Fabrice du Peloux • Producer(s): Antipode • Coproducer(s): Seasons • Format(s): HD

When you are a hunter on the Opal Coast, a night in the hut is much more than a night’s hunting. It is a few hours spent in a return to childhood where you play hide and seek with the game from your little hut. A night in the hut is a magical night of communion with nature, a night where all worlds become one, and sometimes even a night in which Alchemy “takes over”: when the game comes to settle on the water. However, a night in the hut here on the Opal Coast is always a beautiful night, a night of pleasure, a night during which "you feel more alive than the others", more alive than those who stayed sleeping at home.

Here on the Opal Coast, the huts present a myriad of faces.

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