Barcelona from the sky

2015 • 34' • French & English

Poster of Barcelona from the sky

Director(s): Jacques Plaisant • Producer(s): Tournez S’il Vous Plait • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

With a doubt, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most spectacular cities, a concentration of joyous cultures, local lifestyles and marvelous neighborhood strolls.

We discover the incredible Palais Güell, an atypical architectural blend of organic forms, which the industrialist Güell commissioned from Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona’s most inventive architect. It is a visual shock and a natural stylistic extension of the famous Park Güell, with its extravagant mosaics. Our camera reveals Gaudi’s secrets as we explore little known aspects of the construction of Pedrera, the most famous and fragile house created by the Catalan architect.

Barcelona is above all a city in perpetual action. When night falls we find ourselves in the center of Correfoc, an ancient pagan ceremony which lights up the streets during September. Men are dressed as devils, women as witches, and everywhere above there are fireworks.

We explore fascinating local shops and businesses and plunge into the sublime Boqueria market with its multicolored hall. When it’s time to hunt for treasures the camera takes us into the Encants Market beneath its ultramodern-mirrored roof. And a few steps away we explore the Agbar tower, called the suppository by locals, and created by the architect Jean Nouvel. A feast for the eyes is guaranteed in this amazing city. 

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