Los Angeles from the sky

2013 • 25' • French, English, German & Arabic subtitles

Poster of Los Angeles from the sky

Director(s): Yannick Charles • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

It’s a city without a real center, without skyscrapers, or almost, for an American city, a city without public transport where everybody gets around in a car.

An inaccessible city where only the Pacific Ocean is the one reliable landmark.

Sprawling over more than 100 kilometers between ocean and mountains, splintered into a host of neighborhoods with a population of more than ten million, Los Angeles is the second biggest metropolis in the United States.

With Felipe and Giuliano, two paparazzi, who hound the celebrities of Hollywood, we soar above the most incredible properties in the city. From the streets without sidewalks it is impossible to imagine the architectural extravagances that are tucked away in the lanes of Bel Air or Beverly Hills. With Trista and Jeff Hylan, among the very top realtors of Beverley Hills, we open the doors to some of those villas.

With Tim, in the news copter, we share the daily life of those pilot-reporters who follow and report the breaking news of Los Angeles from the sky. The “chases” - those cop and robber automobile pursuits along the city’s highways - have made them famous throughout the world.

They say that Los Angeles is a futile but fascinating city… Alain Mabanckou, a Franco-Congolese writer, teaches at the prestigious UCLA, the University of California in Los Angeles. He helps us decode the mysteries of this city like no other that lies between cliché and reality.

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