Finding clean energy

2018 • 23' • English

Poster of Finding clean energy

Producer(s): FAKTABRUKET • Country of production: Sweden • Format(s): HD

All life on earth is dependent on energy. The sun, our energy source, has been warming our world from the very beginning. Plants, animals and humans depend on this life-giving light and heat. But then, something happened. Man discovered other sources of energy – coal, oil, gas and atomic power. But our insatiable hunger for energy has thrown our environment of balance, a disruption that now threatens life on earth.

We need to find new, cleaner energy sources. Here we meet the scientists who want to solve our planet’s great challenge. Their research is about specially designed molecules, completely unique nanomaterials, re-creating photosynthesis and new smart solar cells.

The obvious first choice in the hunt for energy is to look to our original source - the sun itself.

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