Woll-Lust-Lieferanten vom Feinsten

2015 • 45' • German

Poster of Woll-Lust-Lieferanten vom Feinsten

Director(s): François Brey & Patrice Desenne • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): ARTE • Format(s): HD

Dromedaries have a hump. For 4,000 years they allowed nomadic tribes to live in a very hostile environment. They are the ships of the desert. Saddle animals, pack animals, the dromedary provides man with its meat, milk, skin ...

Where do they come from? Curiously from North America, like the entire camelid family. Today, with the disappearance of caravans, and the settling of peoples, they  integrate into the modern world!

The production of their milk has become intensive, and  cheese is even made from it! The dromedary competes with the horse, with thoroughbreds racing on camel racetracks. It is the object of a high-tech reproduction, but its’ almost mythical rapport with man remains.

Travel to Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, India... and Switzerland, to discover the Superdromadaries  of the Desert.

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