Wüstenschiffe auf der Überholspur

2015 • 45' • German

Poster of Wüstenschiffe auf der Überholspur

Director(s): François Brey & Patrice Desenne • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): ARTE • Format(s): HD

Historically, small camelids, humpless camels, have always served as valuable aids to the Andean populations. The llama and its domestic and wild cousins, the alpaca, vicuna and guanaco, provide wool and meat, and transport caravans on the Incan trails.

Where do they come from? From the other America, the one to the north, like their entire family, the camelids.

Mechanization, urbanization, and  hunting have provoked their decline. Today, they are reclaiming their space, more and more.

Thanks to the fiber of their fur, the alpacas and vicunas are conquering the world, and help communities to live. The alpacas have come back to the land of their ancestors! Wild guanacos, once more under protection, have become the "lords of the land" again. And for the Andeans, llamas, are still sacred and irreplaceable. Travel the Americas, Peru, Chile, Canada... and France to discover the Gods of the Andes!

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