Amerigo Vespucci

2009 • 14' • French, English, Portuguese & German

Poster of Amerigo Vespucci

Director(s): Gil Kébaïli • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): France Télévisions • Format(s): HD

Of all the great explorers who contributed to the exploration of our world, Amerigo Vespucci is the one who will give his name to the “new world”. While Christopher Columbus sails round and round the islands of the Caribbean for over a month in search of the “West Indies”, Amerigo Vespucci sails down the coast of South America and his epic voyage will result in the first mapping of Brazil as we know it today.

This extraordinary tale of the discovery of the shapes of the continents will be punctuated with contributions from Claudie Haignerée, a world-famous astronaut and 20th century explorer, filmed in the Toulouse Space Centre, and by a perspective on the evolution of map making over the centuries, explained by Hélène Richard, Head of the Maps and Charts Department at the National Library of France, who welcomed us into the prestigious setting so charged with history.

The film, which is a blend of real images, dramatic sequences with actors in costume and 3D imagery, will take us deep into the secret world of those who mapped the unknown face of the world.

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