Fishing and rugby, Mediterranean passions

2023 • 58' • French

Poster of Fishing and rugby, Mediterranean passions

Director(s): Désiré Zamo • Producer(s): Les Films Jack Fébus • Coproducer(s): Seasons • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD

Pierrick Nova and Sébastien Giorgis are both professional rugby players with Racing Club Narbonnais. Teammates or opponents on the pitch for 10 years, they are also united by the same passion: sea fishing.
It was in this great family of the oval ball that Sébastien and Pierrick met Ivan Roux, a retired Toulon player, and Alan Brazo, the famous Perpignan 3rd row. And from their very first meeting, everything united them. On the pitch, around the table or on the water in the Mediterranean, the 4 men will share with us their common passions for rugby and fishing.

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