The dawn of wine (India)

2019 • 26' • English & French

Poster of The dawn of wine (India)

Director(s): Thibault Férié • Producer(s): GRAND ANGLE PRODUCTIONS • Coproducer(s): ARTE, Viewcom • Country of production: France • Format(s): HD

Despite its many cultural and religious obstacles, India is irresistibly opening up to wine! Everywhere, vines are gaining ground on farm land and this new beverage is rapidly making inroads into an elite population, often young, urban and trendy, but also feminine, one more indicator of a new Indian society in transformation. Today, wine appreciation has become an element in the immense modernization movement that has seized the country.

Conscious of this tremendous opportunity, some pioneering winemakers have embarked on this winemaking adventure: sinking the roots of their vines in a country whose colonial heritage has always tended more towards tea and brandy… And they’re inventing new wine, "Made in India", with the ambition to become a regular pleasure in the daily life of more than a billion Indians, and then, why not the whole world. This film reaches out to meet these visionary and passionate entrepreneurs who have embarked on a winemaking quest, and the transformation Indian society.

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