The vines rising in the East (Croatia)

2019 • 26' • English & French

Poster of The vines rising in the East (Croatia)

Director(s): Benoit Laborde • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): ARTE, Viewcom

In southern Croatia, Dalmatia forms a balcony perched over the Adriatic Sea. On its coasts as on its islands, since ancient times farmers here have cultivated grape varieties, which are unique in the world and which today have become a popular craze. The country's independence in the early 1990s brought a new generation of passionate winemakers to the fore: they proudly defend local traditions and embarked on rebuilding the impressive terraces carved out of the mountains, stone by stone. Thanks to them, the Mediterranean is enriched by new prestigious vineyards: stretching over Croatia, they tell the story of their culture that has long been caught in the turmoil of the turbulent history of the Balkans.


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