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The king of vines, the wine of kings (Hungary)

2016 • 26' • French & English

Poster of The king of vines, the wine of kings (Hungary)

Director(s): Vincent Pérazio • Producer(s): Grand Angle Productions • Coproducer(s): ARTE • Format(s): HD • Codec: ProresHQ 4444 / .mov (50i, 4k 3840*2160p, interlaced)

The imperial elixir.

250 kilometers northeast of Budapest, Mount Tokaj looms over the plains of Hungary. This is where they make Tokaj Aszu, a sweet wine that is extraordinary in its complexity and its history, the only wine that features in the country’s national anthem.

For three centuries it was the wine of the European elites, the “king of wines, the wine of kings”, made famous by Louis XIV and the court of Versailles. The wars of the 20th century and communism pushed it into oblivion, but for some twenty years now they have restarted growing this unique grape, so rare and so difficult to harvest: the aszu.

For the Tokaj Aszu is a wine of extremes: the greatest joys go side by side with the deepest disappointments. 

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